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Food Packages

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner All Weekend only £88

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Delicious & Nutritious 

To ensure the food at The Elements matches the energy and quality of the retreat, we put great care and thought into our offerings. 

We reached out to Joki & Steph, two female bad ass private chef's & asked them to collaborate...

They agreed, so we asked them to create dishes to dazzle the vegans, bring the meat lovers to their knees, and place the vegetarians in their bliss... they both rose to the challenge.

Along with a talented team they have started to create a gorgeous selection of 'Mood Food' -  where consideration and focus is given to nourishing your body, balancing your chakras, elevating your vibration and bringing you joy. 

We've even created a pre-bookable Food Package so you can relax all weekend knowing you are taken care of by our Nourishment Team.

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Little Green Vegan Catering


Stephanie Lamerton 

Explore Raw

Pepperoni Pizza

Nutritious & Delicious

Our chefs have been co creating and collaborating to compile a gorgeous array of food.  At The Elements you can experience unbelievably delicious chef-prepared dishes that delight your taste buds and your tummy. From Poke bowls to pizza... taco's to sticky toffee pudding..
Menu's will be available soon.

Locally Sourced

We are proud of our Welsh heritage and the lush produce of Wales. Where possible, all produce, snacks and drinks available at
The Elements  
will be locally sourced.
A full list of food suppliers will be available on request.

Made with Love

Steph, Joki & their team know that food tastes better when it's made with love, care and attention. That's why we chose them. The genuinely care about the food they prepare, and the people who eat it.
Pepperoni Pizza

Vegan, Veg & Meat

The chefs that we have brought together have a beautiful array of talent. It's a space where non-meat eaters will be in their element,
whilst the carnivores will also be fully in their bliss.

Food Packages

Food packages are available to pre-order. If you would like to take all the stress out of catering for yourself, we have it covered. 

We have one request...

To minimise waste of disposable utensils, we ask that where possible you bring your own reusable  plate/bowl, cup, and cutlery.
There will be washing and storage facilities available 

Food Packages

Our all-inclusive food packages are designed to give you nutritious and nourishing meals, all weekend, stress-free! 

Each day, the kitchen will open three times; breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Breakfast is co-created with Big Moose Coffee Co., who will be bringing their famous breakfast wraps to The Elements. Accompanied by a continental selection of fruit, breads, spreads, yoghurts and juices. 

Each day for lunch, our Nourishment Team will prepare (with love) a bright and colourful Grazing Table. Fill your plate and excite your tastebuds with a luscious selection of tasty picky-foods

For dinner each night, a big Family Style feast takes place - where you can choose from a selection of beautifully prepared dishes; like pasta and pizza cooked by our very own Italian Nanna, fresh and fabulous vegan and vegetarian dishes, and cooked-in-a-big-pot dishes like chilli and dhal; accompanied by healthy salads, and fresh breads from Nos Da bakery.

What is included:
Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Sunday: Brea
kfast, Lunch & Dinner

Only £88

No product

Don't want a food package?

You can buy individual meals throughout the weekend

Breakfast: £10
Lunch: £12
Dinner: £15

Individual items such as coffee and cakes will be available to purchase on-site

Card payments only


The Elements

Mexican Food

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