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The Elements

2023 Schedule & Facilitators

Here you can discover what experiences are at The Elements. Each session is uniquely crafted and co-created by therapists, practitioners, healers, and educators, with decades of experience in holding space for people to heal.

The facilitators you meet at The Elements are experts in their field and have been hand-selected based on the energy they carry and the space they can hold. 

The Elements

Earth, Water, Air & Fire

you bring the spirit.

Native Drums

The Elements 
Fire Medicine Opening Ceremony
with Carolyn Coles and Woody Dweller


To officially open  the retreat  there will an opportunity to call in and give gratitude to the elements that surround us. It will be a chance  to  come together, set our intentions,  give gratitude & open our hearts to ourselves, one another, the earth and elements. 


Assisted with the sacred sounds of drumming, rattles, crystal and Himalayan bowls, along with the power of the voice.


You are invited to bring a drum or musical instrument, along with your voice, there will also be instruments for those who want to join in.

Tom Spine.webp

The Elements 
Spinal Networking
with Tom Greenfield & Team, The Tuning Room Epi-Healing Centre

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) involves gentle, precise touch to the spine which cues the body to spontaneously release tensions from the nervous system. It helps you to open up your internal awareness into your body, to create a better connection with the breath, and create a tone in your body that will transcend all of the tissues, ligaments, and muscles; releasing all the tension in your body. It helps you to re-connect with your innate intelligence, so you can reorganise your system and live extraordinarily. 

Tom and the Tuning Room team will be providing free taster sessions of Spinal Networking all day on Saturday.  

The Tuning Room Epi-Healing Centre is a brand new, state of the art healing centre in Cardiff Bay 

Tuning room Logo.webp
In the forest

The Elements 
Forest Bathing
with Joanna Suvarna

Forest Bathing (or Shinrin Yoku), is a way of spending time in nature to promote health and wellbeing. The concept emerged in Japan in the 1980s and has since spread across the globe with continuing scientific research underpinning the potential benefits to participants. 


These Forest Bathing taster sessions will incorporate holistic practices taken from yogic techniques, meditation and mindfulness through our senses, allowing you to slow down your thoughts, feel a deeper connection with nature and reach a peaceful internal state.  


"Forest Bathing is like a bridge... between us and the natural world... we may not travel very far, but in connecting us with nature, it takes us all the way home to our true selves." ~ Dr Qing Lee of the Nippon Medical School in Japan.


About Joanna:


Joanna Suvarna is a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies Practitioner and a Director at Kintsugi Creative Holistic Wellbeing Ltd, a Training Provider that specialises in helping others to develop themselves in creative holistic modalities and become practitioners themselves. She has worked in supporting people to develop, both in the U.K. and in South Korea, for over 20 years. Forest Bathing is something that Joanna felt helped her during a very difficult period of her life and she wants to share the practice with as many people as possible so that they too can discover the healing power of nature. 

Hand Shadow

The Elements  
Kundalini Activation Process
with Ange & Jana

No experience is needed, only openness to receive and surrender. KAP is a direct Kundalini Transmission that activates the Awakening of the Kundalini.

It progresses you on the path to connect with your higher-self, your souls plan, through a journey of releasing blockages, letting go of what no longer serves you and re-alignment of Self.

Spontaneous movements can and do arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or one that gives them deep insights or realisations.

It will not shock your system in any way. With KAP transmission the energy comes in from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra. there is a significant difference from other self-willed practices of Kundalini rising.

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a Kundalini awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations, are seen regularly in participants.

During a KAP session, you lie down on a yoga mat, and music is played. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakras or meridian points on your body; and that's it... that's all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story!

Hollie Sky .jpeg

The Elements 
Yoga & Breathwork
with Hollie Sky

Fire, Earth, Air and Water  ~ Experience all the elements inside you.

Daily Morning and Evening Yoga.... Hollie has created a Journey through the Elements program of yoga that flows throughout the retreat.

 Morning, evening and in between.....

You get to experience the ancient connection with your body &  breath all weekend.


Owner of Sky Spa in Barry, Hollie and her team offer a range of services throughout the weekend.


The Elements 
Breathwork & Cold Water Therapy
with John Carstairs

Wim Hof Trained Breath Work Practitioner

Take a breath work journey with John, an experienced breath work practitioner and guide. Johns journey began with the Wim Hof method, where John trained and worked with Wim in Poland, Holland and Germany.

He has gone on to develop his own variation on cold water therapy and breath work techniques.


In this unique experience John will guide you through all three modalities of breath work deep slow breathing, powerful strong breathing and centered  balanced breathing.  Alongside the cold water immersion techniques to deliver an impactive holistic experience.


John also uses red light or near infrared red light to relax and energise the body. Music is added to creating a safe and calming space for you to open up your heart and release negative energies, re centering yourself into a loving space connecting with your heart.


John will be running workshops and one to one options throughout the weekend.


The Elements 
Full Moon Cacao & Sacred Sound Ceremony


As The Elements Retreat falls on a full moon, our community Cacao Ceremony with Sacred Sound will honour both the Elements and the Moon.

Many people hear a calling... A curiosity, a longing for more connection, a whisper in the heart or a strong voice to reconnect with Mother Nature.

This is the calling to connect with the Cacao Spirit.

Cacao is more than chocolate, it is a spiritual dimension, an intelligence that we cannot perceive with the mind; but with the heart, the intuition and through feelings.

Experience and express the heart-opening power of Cacao; an ancient plant medicine, which is sourced sustainably and ethically from DaliLeo, Guatemala  to ensure a heart led experience at  The Elements

Herbal Medicine

The Elements 
Food is Medicine Workshop
with Stephanie Jane Lamerton

Holistic Private Chef and Raw Food expert Stephanie Lamerton shares her knowledge during an interactive workshop, to teach you about how we can use food and plants as medicine. 

As a pillar of The Elements Nourishment Team and author of the best-selling cookbook Spiralize, come and experience Stephanie's heart-centred approach to health and nutrition, and learn what changes you can make to the food you eat ~ and how the positive changes can impact your physical and mental wellbeing. 

The Elements 
Family Constellations
with Nell Nederveen

Family Constellation work is an effective therapeutic process that helps break destructive family patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure, and addiction. The Family Constellation approach is becoming one of the most rapidly expanding forms of therapy in the world and is practiced in more than 35 countries.”

It draws attention to patterns and dynamics that may not have been apparent or previously considered in your life. Family constellation work can offer insight into patterns of behaviours  which can lead to healthier communication and more fufulling relationships.

Your facilitator;

Nell is a Motivational Life Coach who lives in Amsterdam, her passion  and intuitive skill for facilitating Family Constellations offers a beautiful  immersive and inclusive workshop. 


The Elements 
Freefalling into Authentity 
with Delphi Nile

Delphi’s work in the world is to accompany people to the dark spaces of themselves, and then lead the back to light. Everybody has some kind of trauma, but many people don’t know how to access and heal it.


Her workshop is designed to help you to access the true and authentic you, beneath any pain or hurt. Her ‘Freefalling’ process helps you to shed the layers and lead you to a better place, and this session even features burning the things you want to release in Delphi’s cauldron.


This session is for anyone; from those who are experienced in doing their own shadow work, to those who are brand new to the self-healing journey.


The Elements 
The Body Whisperer Workshop
with Valquiria Silva

The Body Whisperer Workshop : Learning to dialogue with our organs


Your body is talking to you all the time. How in tune are you with its whispers? We are culturally programmed to live in ways that aren’t aligned with our nature. As we navigate from a head-based to a heart-based world this can leave us prone to a sense of detachment from ourselves leading to a lack of vitality.


In this workshop, we explore our energetic bodies and learn to discern between simulated reality and our own Soul Technology. Workshop Leader : Valquira Silva In the last few years there has been an urgent call to understand on a deeper level the hidden mental patterns and blockages affecting our bodies.


Over the last 25 years, Valquira has worked throughout the world to create balance between the physical and emotional bodies. She uses Egyptian Acupuncture, Flower Remedies and her natural healing abilities to help her clients realise their greatest potential. Valquira’s qualifications include Chinese Acupuncture, Egyptian Acupuncture, Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.


The Elements 
Ceremonial Sweat Lodge
with Pea Jenkins

The ceremonial sweat lodge is a place to connect with spirit and nature.

To restore order and balance in life.

A place to be held, connect, support and to be heard.

A sacred tradition of the Native American people, the sweat lodge is a unique healing ritual with deep detoxifying benefits to the body, mind and soul. It is a cultural and spiritual experience that delivers a journey of physical purification and personal initiation for the participants. I have been given permission to bring this ceremony to you and share its healing
with Facilitator Pea Jenkins.

Pea is incredibly fortunate to have been gifted with intensive training alongside Masters and Native American Elders to become a Water Pourer (Sweat Lodge Leader) and  hold their sacred teachings close, awaiting your presence.
Sweat Lodges are a rite of passage, an ancient birthright and a way home to the heart of Spirit.

Sweat Lodges  are a stunning experience, from the construction of the Lodge, the building and lighting of the fire, the making of the prayer flags. The journey within the Lodge once the door has closed and the stones begin to heat the air provides such a safe space for you to express, to be you. To heal, sing, pray, listen, support, let go... to be present, to be still, to be part of, to sweat.

It has to be experienced to be understood, and once you have experienced this ancient ceremony, it will never be forgotten

Pea will be hosting mixed sweat lodges throughout the weekend as well as a  female exclusive full moon lodge on Sunday 4th June. She works in collaboration with Ian who will be hosting the male exclusive lodges over the weekend.

Carolyn Playing.png

The Elements 
Sound Journeys
with Carolyn Coles

As a master sound and voice practitioner, conscious leader, and visionary, Carolyn leads powerful sound immersions to connect with your true expansive nature. Transcending energetic blockages with the alchemy of Shamanic drum, Himalayan/crystal bowls, great gongs, voice, chimes, and rattles Carolyn will be sharing sacred sound all weekend and also offering one to one sound therapy for those who wish to 'find their own song'.

284622_Lorraine_Drohan_DS-30 (2).jpg

The Elements 
The Five Arts of the Universe
with Haumea Roision

Haumea is an Oracle and Spiritual Channel. At The Elements, she will be sharing her channeled teachings; The Five Arts of the Universe.Through an interactive and playful workshop, Haumea will help you to understand how you can begin to embody the five arts of living.

Join Haumea' for a deeply spiritual experience, through meditation, chanting, conversation, and channeling.


The Elements
Motion Workshop
with Cora Darlington


Movement for the Soul…

"To dance is to know, to dance is to remember, for our body holds the secret to our deepest healing.


To move is medicine for the Soul"

In many cultures and spiritual traditions, dancing is practiced as a means of coming closer to spirit, to encounter the divine, and as an expression of that relationship that already exists between the body and the Soul.

Motion is movement medicine that will unlock the wisdom and secrets that are literally held within our muscles, in our bones, in our organs, and in our cells.
In the dance, our bodies talk…. and in the dance, we learn to listen deeply to the clear guidance of our own Souls. 

It is meditation in motion that cuts through the noise of the mind and helps you find a sense of peace, inner strength, and inner freedom.
And the good news is, you absolutely don’t need to be able to dance, you just move the way your Soul leads you to move.

This is a sacred practice of embodied, expressed, creative, spirituality.

Through regular practice, you will transform your relationship with the past, and reach a new level of intimacy with your body and Soul that will, in turn, transform your future.

About Cora;

Cora Darlington is a Female Leadership Coach, Burnout Specialist & Life Architect and has spent over 20 years immersing herself in the study of human psychology and performance, somatics, spirituality, and eastern philosophy.

This unique blend of training and experience has cultivated a unique approach that has helped over a thousand women, from all walks of life, to profoundly transform their relationship to themselves and their lives.

The Elements - Journey  (2)_edited.jpg

The Elements 
The Elements Journey 

Hypno House x Breath & Bass
with Hollie Sky & Tanya Valor 

Experience a connection with your body, mind and soul like never before as DJ's (and therapists) Hollie Sky and Tanya Valor take you on a journey through the elements.

Think silk blindfolds, the great outdoors, and a combination of breath work, yoga, dance and hypnotherapy. This exciting and immersive experience will at times feel like a party, and others, a relaxing spa therapy. 

Let Hollie and Tanya take your energy up to the sky, create a burning fire within you, and allow joy to wash over your body, mind and soul, before gently bringing you back down to earth.


The Elements 
Chakra Balancing with Crystals
with Gabi Annis & Emma Saunders

This interactive workshop is a gentle introduction to your Chakra system, using crystals, voice and sound, Gabi will be guiding you to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit.  bringing in the beautiful voice of  Emma Saunders to sing through the chakras - this workshop is going to be special.


It's  an opportunity to learn about the magical kingdom of crystals and their uses. You  get to learn how to balance yourself when the world feels a little wobbly.

Gabi Annis is owner of Purple Dragon Therapies in the Vale of Glamorgan, she will be offering  crystal and tuning forks one to one sessions throughout the weekend.


The Elements 
Talk: Remembering What a Human Is
Workshop: Arrow Tip of the Ancestors
with Matthew Liam Gardner

Matthew is a Master Teacher and Emerging Elder from Australia who is reculturing the leaders of the Western World and advocating for embodied humanity and deep leadership. 

Matthew is directly and intuitively tapped into a unique stream of both andcient & emergent wisdom that is instructional and revelatory in these times. 

In his talk, he lifts the lid on what it really means to be a human being and touches on all the parts of our humanity that we've largely forgotten.

In the workshop, we'll journey to the mysteries of ancestry, belonging, family magick and custodianship. 


The Elements 
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
with David Annis

EFT, commonly known as 'Tapping', links traditional Chinese medicine to modern medical research, and importantly our inner dialogue between the mind and body. EFT is a psychological version of acupuncture and acupressure, whereby tapping is used over specific points of the face and body.  

In this workshop you will learn more about how to add this simple and effective practice to your health and wellness routine.

David has three decades of experience in front-line social care and started using EFT/Tapping to manage stress and anxiety. 8 years later he is now teaching this powerful practice to help people manage their emotions throughout the day. 


The Elements 
Soul Portraits
with Jenny Giles

Jenny's Power and Magick is creativity, intuition, and empathy. These three qualities make her a superhero in her field. Join her for an immersive photography group walk through the elements, where Jenny will take photos of each member at four unique spots to represent earth, air, fire and water, and finishing off with the fifth element; Spirit - aka you! 

This is the perfect opportunity to sample shining your light. 

Jenny's photography packages are available at an additional cost, you can book in advance or on the day.

Free Yoga

The Elements 
Men's Yin Yoga Workshop
with Al Barnard

I discovered my love of wild places whilst serving with the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Service in the Scottish Highlands. Fortunate enough to climb, ski and journey throughout the mountains of Europe, Alaska and the Himalaya, I'm as content in a bivi bag on the Cairngorm Plateau as I am on an ice route on Ben Nevis, swimming in the seas, lochs and rivers of Scotland or making shapes on a yoga mat in a wee village hall. 


After years of pushing my body to (past) the limit, it was time to re-assess and focus on body maintenance and inner health to ensure the hills and wild places can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


I've always held a rough understanding of the human body thanks to numerous and extensive first aid training courses, operational experiences with casualties in the hills and experimenting with a variety of fitness and training regimes and I decided to further my knowledge of Yoga.

After winning a bursary from the renowned, Edinburgh/Hong Kong based Yogi, Dhugal Meacham; I qualified as a Yin Yoga Teacher and I will be offering a Men's Yin Yoga workshop at the Elements Retreat, 


The Elements
Ceremonial Sweat Lodge & Fire Walking
with Ian Cowie


Ian Cowie trained as a Sweat Lodge Leader under the guidance of the Native American Elders and Celtic Shaman.   He is a certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor  who has been on his shamanic path, training under Celtic and Toltec Shaman since 2018. 

As a veteran of  22yrs in the British Military as an engineer, an experienced Mountain Leader and Endurance Trainer Ian is the full package when it comes to holding space and group work.

He facilitates leadership training and workshops incorporating sweat lodge and fire walking.

He will be bringing his magic into the Elements retreat and offering Men's Sweat Lodges and Fire Walking over the weekend.




Holding a Microphone

The Elements 
Stand Up Comedy Show
with Tanya Valor

Pull up your camping chair for an hour of laughter 

We have all heard the saying "Laughter is Medicine" but have we ever been prescribed it? Come and see how you feel after this stand-up campfire comedy session.


Hypnotherapist and Comedian Tanya Valor shares her stories and anecdotes, to awaken and enlighten. With funny songs, one-liners, crowd participation, and more ~ this first-night community event will help to break the ice and allow the laughter to flow.

Anyone attending the retreat who feels the call of the open mic, feel free to let us know there's a space for everyone to be heard...


The Elements 
Harmony Within
with Emma Saunders

You are invited on a gentle journey home to yourself. Through vocal exploration, voice maths, soft somatic practices, intuitive movement, and meditation techniques. Welcome your mind and body back into harmony, balance and sound health, connecting you to yourself and other through the joyful practice of song with Emma. 

When we begin to explore our voice and it's a healing power, we begin to tap into our true authentic expression. The voice is so much more than talking and singing, it is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. It is our soul's expression. Unlocking the true power of your voice you can find expansion in all areas of your life. 

Dancing in the Mist

The Elements 
Ecstatic Dance
with DJ Seagyp

Sea Gypsee is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, facilitator & ceremonialist on a mission to inspire people to say YES to living a wild life and boldly engage in our path with heart and soul. By re-connecting deeply with our the deliciousness of our inner body wisdom, through the dynamic practice of the 5 elements and cacao medicine, Seagypsee facilitate powerful, tender and moving soulscapes to feel free and feel ourselves from within.


Her sonic journeys are a mix of ethnic and tribal beats, folktronika, deep house, world music, drum n'bass, dub, medicine songs that weave a return to love, eros, tribe and nature. An somatic meditative dance to explore our edges, uplift our spirits and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Seagypsee holds monthly Ecstatic Dances and cacao ceremonies in Wales at Mystic Cocoon and is a resident DJ at ecstatic dance Bristol. She also creates offerings at conscious festivals such as All About Love, Anthropos among others, as well as holding embodiment retreats in France. 

Karate Practice
Practicing Karate

The Elements 
Physical & Emotional Self-Defence
with Vicki Lee

As a black belt in Taekwondo - a Korean Martial Art that involves punching and kicking techniques - Vikki leads this immersive physical and emotional self-defense workshop for both men and women.

This educational and fun workshop will get you moving and stretching, both physically and mentally, while giving you practical tools and techniques to defend yourself. 

Meditate at the beach

The Elements

with Nikki Thomas Roberts


Nikki lives and breathes compassion based mindfulness. She uses the moment by moment awareness, to keeps her grounded, keeps her thoughts from running away (without her!) and help her to access Harmony, Ease and Balance.


Nikki is the founder of Phoenix Mindful Living, she has been on a 56 year journey to find tools, resources and ways of being that she now shares with others both nationally and internationally.


She runs courses, workshops, one to one sessions and undertakes bespoke commissions with any organisation who cares about well being for their staff, including the NHS in Wales. Her work is Trauma Sensitive.

Join Nikki in her Mindfulness and Body Mapping workshop to bring Harmony, acceptance and self compassion. Learning how to release and let things go with ease. Balance, reconnect and rest.

Nikki will also be available for one to one bookings throughout the weekend.

The Elements 
The Spirit of Awen, with Emma Blake-Jones

Harnessing the Divine Spirit of Inspiration

Awen is central to the Druid Tradition and Celtic way. It is the flowing energy of spirit or Divine Inspiration that is the source of all creation from which and in which all things exist.

Frow Ceridwen's ancient Cauldron it was the potion brewed for a year and a day that sprang forth 3 sacred drops, which transformed Gwion Bach through rebirth into Taliesin, the Great Bard and Prophet who held the drops of Awen the wisdom and knowledge of all the worlds.

Yet Awen is not a mayth but a means of personal initiation. An energy that is not outside of us but of which we are made, held and create of yourselves. It is the Prophetic spirit, the poety, the songs and expresion of true essense. 

"It is the opening of oneslsef of Ones Soul to truly See"

Join Emma on this empowering and immersive workshop to connect with the land, the trees, the Fae and become one with Awen and your true spirit of Inspiration. 

Yoga Pose

The Elements

with Susie Moore


Susie is a 500hr yoga instructor who has practiced yoga for over 20 years.

Initially starting with Ashtanga, she has practiced Iyengar and now teaches Hatha to a wide range of people.

With a passion for facilitating a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy that enriches and develops our asana practice. Susie’s aim is to help people build a home practice that sustains, supports and strengthens you at all stages of life.

She also has a deep interest in plants and the natural environment, growing her own herbs and vegetables on a four acre smallholding in the foothills of the Grampian Mountains. We are delighted to welcome her to her first Welsh gathering where she will be sharing her yogi love and assisting with the Sweat Lodge.

Untitled design (14).png

The Elements
Shamanic Rattle Making Workshop

with Woody Dweller


Woody Dweller is a community leader who has lived off-grid for many decades. He will be a big part of all the fire ceremonies, and holding the gathering drum throughout the weekend. 

Woody will be leading a workshop where you can make your own Shamanic rattle - a musical instrument made from natural materials.

kelly quinn.jpeg

The Elements 
with Kelly Quinn

The beautifully crafted musings of Kelly Quinn will be available to lean into over the weekend.  There are few space holders who can create a  space as safe as Kelly's  to discuss raw and  pertinent issues, 

More details will follow...

Outdoor Reading

The Elements
Book Reading & Workshop

with Agi Gault


Agi Gault has been a frontline social worker in child protection since 1998. She was drawn to a career in child protection because of her personal experience of going through the care system in the United Kingdom as an adopted and abused child.


This book is a narrative of Agi's life interspersed with a collection of her poems which were Agi's communication, and metaphors of her lived experience and her therapy. They say what has been unspeakable throughout her life.


"I grew up in the Third Space and watched professional after professional overlook who I was and what I was trying to communicate. I had become the problem they told me I was. Today I live with the consequences of being seen but never recognised."

The Elements

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